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All applicants invited to the Interview day must present the following items at the beginning of day:

  • A certified copy of transcripts from the university that will award or has awarded your degree
  • A certified copy of legal documentation that proves you are a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident of South Africa- Visas are not acceptable.  For South Africans, this is a certified copy of your ID. For non-South Africans, this is a certified copy of your passport.
  • Non- South African citizens need to bring a certified copy of a valid work permit

TEACH South Africa Training Academy

TEACH South Africa’s training academy will take place in early December and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The academy is two weeks long and is residential.


The placement of TEACH Ambassadors is done in conjunction with school districts and private sector partners. TEACH Ambassadors are placed in both rural and urban schools after reviewing TEACH Ambassador Qualifications and school district needs.

TEACH South Africa is not an employer in that TEACH Ambassadors are paid by TEACH South Africa partners namely, School Districts and Private Sector Partners.

Two year commitment

The TEACH Ambassador Program is a two year commitment. Once your placement has been made, you will teach full time for two years at your assigned school. You will receive on-going support and further training throughout your two years with TEACH South Africa. For more information on the ongoing support and training please revert back to the TEACH South Africa website.

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

TEACH South Africa strongly advises all TEACH Ambassadors to complete a PGCE during the two years that they are with the Program. This will not only enhance them as effective educators but will also add to their personal development.

TEACH Ambassador Projects

During the two years, TEACH Ambassadors are encouraged to work on a project within their school or school community that will focus on any area of up-liftment or development. This could be anything from starting a vegetable garden to organizing extracurricular activities for learners. TEACH Ambassadors can engage the private/public sector to be sponsors of such projects.

For any queries please contact