TEACH South Africa’s Selection Process

Stage 1- Apply Online

The Online Application

Once you have successfully registered, you will then be able to begin the online application which consists of six sections:

  • Basic Information
  • Academic Information
  • Extra- Curricular and leadership activities
  • References
  • Short written responses
  • Supplemental Information

Once you have applied, your completed application will be assessed by the TEACH South Africa Recruitment Team. You will be notified via email on the outcome of your application.

Stage 2- The interview day

Successful applicants will be invited to attend a day-long interview to be conducted in October. The interview day begins at 8am and ends at 4:30 pm depending on how many applicants are attending on a particular day.This is an important  stage of the interview process and you will be expected to present a logical and effective lesson, participate in discussions concerning the education crisis of our country, write a language proficiency test  and be interviewed by a TEACH representative. An email notification with the dates will be sent to you a week in advance. To ensure that you will be able to attend, we ask that you hold time on your calendar as much as possible within the interview window.

Stage 3- The subject competency test

Being invited to write the competency test indicates that your Interview Day went well. The competency test will assess your content knowledge on the subject you intend to teach: Mathematics, Physical Science or English. The test will be marked by professionals within the education sector who will then provide TEACH South Africa with recommendations based on your results. The results which you receive will among other things indicate your level of proficiency in the subject as well as which grade/s or phases you are most suited to teach.

Stage 4: The TEACH Academy

Once a candidate has satisfied the requirements on each of the previous stages, an invite to be part of the TEACH training academy will be extended to them.  TEACH South Africa’s raining academy will take place in early December and is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The academy is two weeks long and is residential. Whilst at the training academy, all candidate performance will be monitored and tracked by the academy mentors. Informed by the feedback we receive from the mentors, the TEACH placement committee will then decide on who and where one shall be placed.

To learn more about what documentation you will need to have ready for the Interview Day, please click here